Alabama Whitetail Hunts


We utilize 2 different outfitters in the Black Belt region of southern Alabama to offer quality  whitetail hunting trips in Alabama. 

Alaska Hunts


We paired up with one of the best outfitters in Alaska to offer our hunters all the hunting adventures that Alaska has to offer. Grizzly Bear, Kodiak Bear, Black Bear, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat, and Sitka Blacktail Deer hunts are all available through this outfitter.

Depending on species prices range from $5,000.00 to $18,000.00

All of our Alaska hunts are considered single species hunts unless otherwise requested. Our outfitter can accommodate combo hunts for grizzly bear and sheep; grizzly bear and black bear; Kodiak Brown bear and Sitka Black tail deer; as well as Alaska Mountain Goat and Sitka Black tail deer. 

Contact us for information on pricing for Alaska combination hunts.

Colorado Hunts


We offer archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunts in the famous unit 61. Unit 61 is strictly a draw unit. We also offer over the counter license hunts in different units of Colorado. 

Hunt for Colorado elk, mountain lion, mule deer, black bear, and antelope. In some instances you can add a species for a combo hunt.

We can help you book as physical or as easy of a hunt as you prefer.

Prices as low as $5,500.00 for some elk hunts but can vary considerably depending on unit and quality of game your wanting to hunt. 

Contact us for more specific details, and prices for all hunts and species of animals.

Florida Hunts


Turkey, Hog, Alligator, Waterfowl , exotic animals we offer it all in the sunny state of Florida. Our outfitters hunt thousands of private acres so there is no worry about hunting over pressured animals on our Florida hunts.

Whether your wanting to hunt the elusive Osceola turkey to complete your Slam, a big ornery wild boar hog to hang on the wall,  go after a prehistoric behemoth alligator, hunt exotic species native to Africa or the Indies, or just shoot some ducks we have it all. 

Contact us for packages and prices.

Idaho Hunts


We offer base camp and pack in Elk hunts and spring and fall Bear hunts in the beautiful mountains of Idaho. 

Prices for elk hunts run from $4,900.00 to $6,500.00

Prices for bear hunts range from $1,800.00 to $3,200.00 depending on duration of your hunt.

Lodging, meals and guides are provided.

Licenses are over the counter.

Contact us to book your hunt or for more information on these great hunts.

IIlinois Hunts


We offer whitetail deer and turkey hunts, in west central Illinois. Your package includes lodging, amenities, and all 3 meals,

Contact us for more details and current pricing


Kansas Hunts


We offer rifle, muzzleloader and archery hunts in Kansas.

It is no secret that Kansas is one of the Nation’s leaders for trophy whitetails, specifically the state’s southern tier. More Boone and Crockett qualifiers come out of these small game management units than most entire states.

Our outfitter manages some of the very best trophy whitetail ranches in the country, in Units-15&16. 

This hunt produces numerous 140-160+ class bucks every year, and offer a legitimate chance taking home a 170-190+ class buck. 

Drawing a tag has been 100% for this hunt.

Contact us for current price and specific details.

Kentucky Hunts

We offer whitetail, turkey, predator, waterfowl hunts and bow fishing in Kentucky.

Rifle, muzzleloader and archery hunts available.

Our outfitter hunts thousands of acres of private land across 4 Kentucky Counties that have produced trophy bucks for years. Traditionally these counties are in the top 10 deer harvest counties across Kentucky.

Whitetail hunts range from as low as $400.00 to $1,500.00 depending on season and number of days hunted.

We offer both spring and fall turkey hunts.

Kentucky is rated one of the top states to hunt Eastern Wild Turkey. Kentucky also boasts one of the higher hunter success rates in the country. With a limit of 2 bearded turkey and a season that runs from the Saturday closest to April 15th for 23 consecutive days, it makes it one of the longer springs seasons in the Midwest. Most seasons this hunt maintain 100% opportunity and nearly 100% success. 

Price ranges between $400.00 and $750.00 depending on how many days hunted.

Missouri Hunts

We offer whitetail and turkey hunts in Missouri. 

With the whitetail hunts our outfitter maintains 100+ sets spanning nearly 4000 private acres to ensure hunters a great chance at shooting a trophy whitetail.

We offer Archery, Rifle, and Muzzleloader hunts for Whitetail. All hunts include food and lodging.

All hunts are semi guided and a full 5 days.

Hunt prices range from $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 depending on season and dates hunted.

Turkey hunts: 

Turkey hunt prices run from $650.00 to $1,150.00 depending on number of days hunted, how many toms a hunter wants to harvest, and guided or unguided.

Deer and turkey license are available over the counter.

Montana Hunts

We offer hunts for deer, antelope, elk, bison, mountain lion, black bear, big horn sheep, prairie dog, coyote, turkey or horseback/fishing through two separate outfitters  in the beautiful state of Montana. 

Our Outfitters offers rifle, archery and muzzleloader hunts for all these species on thousands of private acres as well as  on national forest lands.

Due to the sheer number of species of animals we offer hunts for in Montana  there is simply just too much information to list on this page so contact us for current prices and specific hunting information for each hunt offered.

Nebraska Hunts

We offer whitetail and turkey hunts in Nebraska through two separate outfitters. 

Turkey hunts are 4 day hunts and run $1,000.00 for unguided and $1,400.00 for guided. Hunters have a 3rd tom option for $250.00

License are over the counter and hunters may purchase 3 tags.

Contact us to book your hunt or to find out more about these hunts.

North Dakota Hunts

We offer both whitetail and mule deer hunts in North Dakota.

Whitetail Deer hunts on private property bordering The Missouri River, The Little Missouri River, The Yellowstone River or tributaries of these rivers make for some great archery hunting for 120-170 class deer.  Licenses are guaranteed and can be purchased on line at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department web site. Season is 4 months long, September- December.

Mule Deer
Mule Deer hunts are on private property in the famous Badlands of North Dakota.

 The badlands create many opportunities for 140-180 class deer. Licenses can be purchased on line at the North Dakota Game and Fish web site, first come first served till March 1. 99% success for receiving a license. Season is 4 months long, September- December. 

Contact us for current pricing for the whitetail or the mule deer hunts.

Oklahoma Hunts


You will be hunting for 140" to 170"+ class Kansas size bucks when you book this Oklahoma whitetail hunt.

Our outfitter hunts four Northwestern  counties, located along the Kansas border and his ranches are the best in the  area.

We offer rifle and muzzleloader hunts.

Contact us for current pricing and more detailed information.

Texas Hunts


Texas is the hunting capital of the United States and offers unbelievable hunting opportunities. 

We offer whitetail, mule deer, trophy B&C antelope, turkey, hog, Bison, elk, Aoudad, waterfowl, wing shooting and over 50 species of exotic animal hunts. We offer 100% free range and high fenced hunts. All high fenced hunts are done on very large ranches. We do not sell corral or canned hunts.

Hunts are numerous and so are the prices so contact us for information and prices on which hunt you are interested in.

Wyoming Hunts


We offer elk, moose, whitetail, mule deer, antelope, combo deer/antelope, mountain lion, black bear, turkey and, prairie dog hunts through who we feel is the finest outfitting business available in the state of Wyoming. This outfitter maintains an amazing near 100% success for most of the species listed above. When you hunt with this outfitter you can say you have hunted with the best. 

They also offer horse back pack trips for those who just like to ride in the wilderness.

All the hunts excluding turkey are draw hunts but the success for drawing your tag is extremely high.

Contact us for details on which ever hunt or activity your interested in and for current pricing.

Alberta Hunts


We offer Alberta, Canada Moose, Bear, Whitetail Deer, Elk, and Wolf hunts. 

Our Alberta outfitter has been a full time, full service professional outfitting service for 18 years.

Contact us for details and current prices  for the species you are interested in hunting.

British Columbia Hunts


We only offer British Columbia hunts through one outfitter simply because we found an excellent one and we're sticking with him. 

Through him we can offer hunters grizzly, mountain goat and moose hunts. We also offer steelhead fishing through this outfitter.

We can also offer hunters combo hunts of stone sheep/goat, goat/caribou, and a mixed bag hunt (any 2 species). A wolf can be shot for no additional charge while on a hunt for another species. A 3rd species can be added to a hunt for an additional harvest fee.

Prices will vary greatly due to the different number of combinations a hunter can book. Contact us for more details.

New Brunswick Hunts


We offer black bear and moose hunts in New Brunswick through an outfitter who just has gotten the job done for us year after year after year. This outfitter maintains an incredible success ratio for his black bear hunts in New Brunswick. 

His primary hunt is for black bear and has a 99.9% success ratio for all of his bear hunts over the years. The limit is one black bear per license but hunters can but a maximum of 2 license so it can be a 2 bear hunt for those choosing to want 2 bears.

He also offers very successful moose hunts as well although permits are difficult to acquire for non residents.

We offer firearm, muzzleloader and archery hunts. 

Contact us to book your hunt or for more information and current prices.