• This lodge has all the amenities so clients can relax after a long hunting day. We offer 6 client bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, full kitchen, laundry, satellite TV, and WI FI. 
  • We have 100+ sets spanning nearly 4000 private acres. All variables are taken into account when placing clients in their stand. 
  • White tailed deer hunting at its finest. Bow hunting, Rifle, or Blackpowder
  •  The lodge's total sq footage is approximately 3300. Plenty of room to stretch out and relax after a day in the field. 
  • There is a changing room that has  12 lockers for clients to store gear. Each one has outlet, cushion, bow holder, and pull up rope.  


  • Opportunity rate for deer hunts averages 75%. Success rate for archery ranges between 35 and 50%. Rifle ranges from 60 to 70%. Please keep in mind there are many variables that affect these numbers and they will do their best to put you in a position to succeed.
  • There is a 130" minimum and there is a $500 penalty for a blatant violation. They understand the heat of the moment but it is expected to stay reasonably close to their minimum.
  • Stand sites are a mix of hang on, ladder stands, ground blinds, and tower stands. They put a lot of effort into getting hunters in sets they are comfortable in and have confidence in.  Their stands range from 16-20' in height. They have 100+ sets across nearly 4000 acres to assure they can hunt the wind to the best of their ability.
  • Maximum number of hunters in camp at one time is 12. The lodge is built for 12 and they strictly adhere to this number. They have 6 client bedrooms with 2 hunters per room.  They also have 5 full bathrooms to facilitate ease of showering.
  • There is nothing for you to bring as they are fully accommodated. They supply all meals, bedding, towels, etc. Basically you need to bring hunting equipment and personal items. They do allow alcohol but DO NOT provide it. Any hunter that becomes disruptive will be done. Also NO alcohol until the hunting day is complete....NO EXCEPTIONS!



SEPT 15-19.                      $1500

SEPT 23-27.                       $1500

OCT 21-25.                        $1750

OCT 28- NOV 1.                   $2500

NOV 4-8.                          $2500

NOV 10-14.                       $2500


NOV 16-20.                       $3000

NOV 22-26.                       $2000


DEC 28- JAN 1.                        $1750

JAN 3-7.                         $1750



All tags available over the counter.

Hunter safety required if born after Jan 1, 1967 for purchase of firearm tag.